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Mother whaaattt.....

Sooooooo, it's been awhile since my last post. Today I took a step towards expanding my knowledge as a photographer. Being single parent means that more times than not my child is with me every second of the day. Today was no different.

I tend to stress out a little when I am trying to conduct business and parent at the same darn time. Managing my child while trying to focus on learning my craft tends to be overwhelming at times. I'm still trying to find that balance between parenting and entrepreneurship.

Today I was able to do something that I've been needing to do since I started my business. I went to a local photographer for some assistance with learning how to effectively shoot manually. I know I know...I've been in Business for 2 years without shooting manually. Some might say that would make me less than a photographer buuutttt, I beg to differ.

To me photography is an art that is meant to be interpreted an many different ways. While I do understand the benefits of shooting manually, great work can be done without shooting that particular way.

Back to the class. Like most 4 year olds my daughter is very inquisitive. When she sees something new she wants to know everything about it. Here is where I had to try to balance mom life and business life. Do I focus on learning or do I focus on her while trying to still learn? I know people say kids have too much screen time, but I whipped my phone out with a quickness and turned on Rugrats for her to watch while I listened to my instructor. I felt no shame LOL. Yes I allow the tv to babysit my child when I am in need a few moments of peace or a few moments of learning.

In the short 15 minutes that my phone had her attention I was able to get a quick lesson in Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. That is a win in my book. The great thing about having your child with you 24/7 is that you have your own personal model when you need one. After some instruction time it was time to get my camera and put what I had learned to work. I guess this is where you could say motherhood and photography came together.

Even though my little one loves to take pictures, she was not feeling it in the beginning. The attitude of a four-year-old often time mirrors that of a teenager. Sheesh. Fortunately, she loosened up and I was able to get some practice shots done. They are far from perfect but they are apart of my story as a momtog.

I am beyond grateful to Brittany for opening up her studio to me today. Not only was she kind to my daughter be she didn't hold back when it comes to her knowledge of photography.

When I started my business 2 years ago shooting in studio was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I felt that it kept me in a box that natural light photography let me out of, but after today my mind has changed. Studio photography is a whole new world that I can't wait to dive into. I can't wait to go back for another session.

Welp that's all I have for today. Time for me to go be mom. I hope you all enjoyed todays read.

Be Blessed.


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