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Black Girl Magic

What is Black Girl Magic you ask?

To me its simply the art of pure, unadulterated dopeness that we exude. It's our ability to create greatness. It's streghnth and vulnerability. Its both our inner and outer beauty. From the coils of my hair and the glow of my skin to My faith in God and resilience. It's the ability to make something from nothing while helping others along the way.

Single parents: YOU CAN DO IT!! Start the business. Get the degree. Chase your dreams! Often times we focus so much on making sure our kids are taken care of, that we forget that we need to be cared for as well. With God first and ambition there is nothing that you can't achieve. At the end of the day, if we take care of ourselves are children will be taken care of as well. It's time to make some faith moves. No it wont always be easy. Yes there will be days when you feel like you just cant do it, but push past the feelings and move in what you know. The day I realized my worth, things started changing. I didn't get there on my own. It took the prayer of my family and friends and a whole lot of self evaluation for me to finally see that God made me for a purpose. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Find you a group of people that will push you on those hard days and pray for you when you feel you just can't do it anymore. The group of women that I've had the honor to work with show that it is indeed possible for black women to work together. We push one another to do better. We support each other. We have boss up goals. We are girl bosses on a mission. Every now and then we give a little side eye, but we let the naysayers stop us. Our work speaks for us. We are Black Women that Rock.

The group of ladies that God placed in my life help to keep me centered. I've gained confidence and knowledge just by being around them. I am a divorced single mom of one. People told me that I would be nothing. That I was ugly and had nothing to offer the world. Well now I'm here making boss moves. I have a photography business and a new magazine. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm well on my way to getting there. With my faith and trust in God nothing is off limits for me.

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