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Her first day.....

Well today was my little Mika's first day of school. I woke up this morning not too sure about how I felt about it. I mean I've been wanting her to go to school for so long, but now that they day was here I was hesitant. I just looked at her while she slept trying to figure out where time has gone. When did my newborn turn into a three year old talk machine? My baby was growing up right before my eyes. If the fact that today wasn't enough she looked at me and told me, " mommy I can do it by myself. I don't need your help." Y'all I wanted to cry. Its like she grew up on me over night. She no longer needed my help washing her hands or putting her in her car seat. She is able to buckle her seatbelt on her own now. I was sad y'all, but I found myself feeling a tad bit of pride at the same time. I looked at her a smiled and thought to my self, "Deidra you are doing a great job." With the guidance of the Lord and the help of my village I am raising a smart, loving, kind, one of a kind, sweet and entertaining child. Even as I write this post I can help but smile thinking of how bright her future is. Today was the first day of her academic career and I am determined to do everything I can to make sure the she obtains the education that she desires.

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