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Today we are going to talk about connection. It is very important as a photographer that I not only connect with my clients but that my clients connect with the camera. The best connections happen when both client and photographer are comfortable with one another. As your photographer it is my duty to make sure that you are not only comfortable with me and the camera, but you also have to be comfortable with your surroundings. It is my desire to give each and every client exactly what they are looking for. In order to do that I have to get to know each client. I sometimes have to ask questions like: 1. what vision do you have for your session 2. What’s a memory you have that makes you smile from the inside out 3.Are you camera shy.....and so on Knowing each client’s helps me to gain a better idea of how to capture the moments that mean the most to them. It’s always a blessing being able to see a person’s inner extrovert develop right before my eyes. The most important thing to remember is that each client is different. Just because something worked well for one client does not mean with will work well with another. The key to producing amazing photos is connection!

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