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Just a transparent moment

Today was a pretty draining day emotionally. As a parent it is my job to make sure that I do everything that I can to provide for my child. While I am photographer, with my own business, I also work a regular 9-5. I am blessed to be able to work for my parents which allows me to bring my daughter with me so that I do not have to pay for child care. Sometimes I find it hard to balance work and parenting. Trying to make sure I spend adequate time with my daughter while also making sure I finish all of my work can be difficult. Today I felt as though I failed my child as her mother and example. She had an emotional need that I didn't realized and failed to tend to. I was so busy trying to be great in other areas that I was failing the one person that needed me the most. The email could have waited, the text could have waited, the phone call could have waited. Parenting is a new adventure everyday I am learning as I go. Today I messed up but I'm determined to do better in the future.

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