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She did what???? LOL

So as you all know by now I am the mother to one amazing three year old who travels with me everywhere I go. Well today after my regular 9-5 we ventured out of town to take a look at an AMAZING location for an upcoming shoot. So while we are at the location everything seems to be going fine until we go inside. My little one decides that she doesn't like the old time smell of history and decides to say, "ewww mommy it stinks in here." My reaction is one of embarrassment and hope that the owner didn't hear my very outspoken three year old. The GIF below is the only way I can really get y'all to see my reaction to what she said lol. Once we finish the tour of the inside we head back outside and have some rather interesting conversation about God and business. I love being able to talk to people about the Lord. I know that he is why I am in business. He is why I'm still here. So we leave the place and my daughter says, "mom I have to pee." I tell her she has to hold it and that ill find somewhere for her to go. As in trying to encourage her to hold it I look at her and see the look of fear. I then decide to pull over on the side of Hwy 17 and just let her pee. To my surprise she has already peed on herself. SIDEBAR: we are in my brand new car its just over a week old and it smells pretty good. God blessed me with it and I have every intention on keeping it clean. OK back to the issue at had. The GIF below shows my reaction to the pee in her car seat which I'm sure leaked down onto my chair. I put myself on a 10 minute time out just because I knew being mad at her would be pointless, after all she is only three and her bladder is small. After my mini tantrum when went to get some food came home and that was the end of our day. I still can believe she peed in my car lol

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