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Yay she did it!!

What beautiful day we had today. The icing on the cake was being able to capture this beautiful photo. Having the support of your loved ones is a huge deal. Even more so when you are a mom boss working towards your college degree. Now getting this picture proved to be a little difficult as i had my two year old tagging along with me. Being able to focus on the task at hand while also being aware of my surroundings was a little tricky. Mikaela does not like bugs of any kind so as I was working she was crying all because a fly landed on her stroller. A fly y'all a little fly LOL......After snapping this picture and trying to reassure her that the fly was not going to bother her I continued to do what turned out to be a fabulous shoot. Thank you Jesus!! It is always a huge honor to be able to capture the special moments of those around me. As I started to settle into the groove of snapping the photos here comes Mikaela sad all over again because she was ready to get out of her Lucky for me Mr. Brooks let her play with their little ones snoopy doll and that calmed her down. Mrs. Brooks has worked hard , Supporting her Marine Husband, Raising her little one, and running a very successful business all while writing papers and taking tests. She is the definition of a #Girlboss. Through the small toddler tantrum, the heat, and hunger we managed to have a great Sunday evening shoot. Needless to say as we were leaving Mikaela thought it would be a good idea to hide the snoopy behind her back in an effort to take it home lol, but he plan failed hahahaha.

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