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#Momtog...Whats that??

So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with this one and inviting you all into my world as a momtog.

So what is a momtog you ask? A #momtog is simply a mom that happens to also be a photographer. I love what I believe God has gifted me to do. Bringing joy to others through photography is an amazing blessing. However, things can get a little challenging with it comes to balancing business and parenting. As a single parent I often times find myself trying to give my all to both my child and my business. I've come to learn that I have to prioritize all things. It makes life just a little easier. In the weeks to come I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my life as a mom and photog. I'm sure there will be some funny stories as my child is a complete character. I will be posting Q&As from time to time as well as vlogging. So with that being said, let the journey begin.

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