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Lover's Lane

Question: What made you do this shoot? Answer: Well I started with prayer. God gave me the vision and I ran with it. I wanted to show the world that black love is beautiful. I wanted to show the younger generation that we can be classy and still have fun. That we as women don't have to show all to obtain the attention of a real man, and I wanted our young men to see that being a gentleman doesn't make them weak. So many times media portrays black love as non-existent. Society... says that black men are afraid of commitment and that black women can't submit. The couple captured in this photos breaks those stereotypes. I have been privileged to see them grow in their love over the last 9 years. To say that they are #lovegoals is an understatement. They have personally given me hope in knowing that real love does exists and though it is not perfect it is indeed obtainable.

"Not Perfection, but Love" ---Nichole Murrell

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